A selection of downloadable pdfs about the trans* population:

demographicGIRES: Gender variance in the UK – Prevelance, incidence, growth and geographic distribution

The analyses contained in this report are needed urgently. Policy makers and service providers, at national and local level, are largely flying blind in providing protection against transphobic bullying and crime, as well as meeting the healthcare and other needs of transgender people. (2011 update)

EHRC: Trans research review

In May 2008, the Equality and Human Rights Commission commissioned the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) to establish a clear picture of the recent and relevant evidence base (quantitative, qualitative, and policy) on equality and discrimination in relation to trans people. The baseline and resulting implications will be used to inform future policy development and strategy in Britain.

Scottish Transgender Alliance: Trans mental health and emotional wellbeing study 2012

This research represents the largest survey of its kind in Europe, providing ground-breaking data on trans people’s mental health needs and experiences, explored in the context of daily life, social/support mechanisms and when accessing healthcare and mental health services.

Equalities Review: Engendered penalties – Transgender and transsexual people’s experiences of inequality and discrimination

This research project was undertaken for the Equalities Review in 2006. During a 6 week period, the researchers undertook a mixed quantitative/qualitative approach to collecting and analysing information on transgender  and transsexual people’s experiences of inequality and discrimination in the UK.

USA: The demographics of the transgender population

In this chapter, we attempt to correct, as well as explain the bases for many of the unfounded and problematic assumptions made about transgender persons in the contemporary US.

USA: Virginia transgender health initiative study

The Community Health Research Initiative (CHRI) of Virginia Commonwealth University conducted a statewide survey of transgender people living in Virginia as part of the Virginia Transgender Health Initiative Study (THIS). The quantitative component of THIS examines health care access by identifying the gaps in services needed by transgender people, in order to identify possible means to reduce risk behaviors in this population.