Human rights

A selection of downloadable pdfs on trans rights:

unitednationsUN: The Yogyakarta principles

The International Commission of Jurists and the International Service for Human Rights, on behalf of a coalition of human rights organisations, project to develop a set of international legal principles on the application of international law to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity to bring greater clarity and coherence to States’ human rights obligations.

EU: Human rights and gender identity

This Issue Paper is intended to continue the debate on transgender human rights issues and make the problems encountered by transgender people known more widely. The paper outlines the international human rights framework that should be applied to protect the rights of transgender persons.

EU: Human rights and gender identity – Best practice catalogue

This catalogue is a civil society follow-up to the pioneering work of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, and his 2009 Issue Paper entitled Human Rights and Gender Identity.

Equalities Review: Engendered penalties – Transgender and transsexual people’s experiences of inequality and discrimination

This research project was undertaken for the Equalities Review in 2006. During a 6 week period, the researchers undertook a mixed quantitative/qualitative approach to collecting and analysing information on transgender  and transsexual people’s experiences of inequality and discrimination in the UK.

USA: Injustice at every turn – A report of the national transgender discrimination survey

This study brings to light what is both patently obvious and far too often dismissed from the human rights agenda. Transgender and gender non-conforming people face injustice at every turn: in childhood homes, in school systems that promise to shelter and educate, in harsh and exclusionary workplaces, at the grocery store, the hotel front desk, in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms, before judges and at the hands of landlords, police officers, health care workers and other service providers.

USA: Equal marriage rights for transgendered individuals

Considering the medical facts about this topic, it becomes apparent that there are a plethora of scenarios where two consenting adults who wish to be married do not fit into the categorically binary definition of marriage between a man and a woman. This article analyzes the Maryland Family Law’s restriction on the marriage rights of transgendered individuals.

TENI: Stop transphobia and discrimination report

This study from Ireland examines statistics for transphobic crime from both Northern Ireland and Eire.