Hormone Therapy

For some people, taking hormones can help align physical characteristics to the gender that they feel most comfortable with. If you want to access hormones, Papillon can help you with this.  We will provide you with information about hormones including possible risks and side effects of treatments. 

If you are interested in taking hormones, Papillon can help from as early as your second appointment. To access hormones via Papillon you need  to:  

  • be diagnosed with gender incongruence at your second appointment; 
  • feel confident that you understand the possible risks and side effects; 
  • feel ready to start hormones; 
  • be considered medically safe to undertake hormones.   

Papillon will then refer you to Jersey’s Endocrinology Department where the endocrinologist will discuss with you the dosage and method of delivering hormones that is right for you. The endocrinologist will then contact your GP to arrange for continuous hormone therapy to be delivered.

Your GP will be provided with all the information they need to be able to safely prescribe and monitor your hormone treatment.

Once you are on a regular hormone treatment routine you will be invited to appointments with the endocrinologist on a six-monthly or annual basis to check that the hormone levels in your blood are as they should be.

Should anything about your hormone levels be concerning you, you may speak to Papillon or your GP and request a referral to Endocrinology for a check up.