Training and talks

TeacherTrans* Jersey is very happy to talk to all and any groups or organisations wanting to learn more about trans* issues.

At the moment, we are being asked to deliver training sessions to government departments and organisations wishing to learn more about trans issues as a result of the introduction of the Sex Discrimination legislation in Jersey in September 2015. However, if your organisation has a particular need for training, we are happy to tailor any of our courses to cover specialist trans* issues.

Trans* Jersey offers training in conjunction with one of its partners, Law At Work. Trans* Jersey is, of course, a small group and cannot develop or resource all the training needed by organisations in the island on its own. Trans* Jersey, therefore, invited Law At Work to partner with us to support our work in rolling out as much education as possible.

Law At Work was established in 2004 to provide a one-stop-shop for HR and health & safety support. The range of services the company offers includes advising on employment matters, producing employment documents including employee handbooks and organisational policies, representing employers at tribunal and delivering a wide-range of training courses on all aspects of HR and health & safety. They were, therefore, a natural choice to help Trans* Jersey with its training requests.

Together, Trans* Jersey and Law At Work have developed four different training delivery methods.

Methods of delivery: four options

Face-to-face introduction. This is an informal lunchtime session (one and a half hours) that provides a brief overview of what it means to be transgender, some of the words associated with trans issues and how to act/react when you meet a trans person. It allows time for questions from the attendees. This session is best delivered to a maximum of 10 people and would be done for free by Trans* Jersey. Due to our limited resources, we can only deliver this session to organisations for free once. It is most suitable for senior management who have limited time, want answers to specific questions and require a broad overview.

Face-to-face training session. This is a formal classroom session that takes three and a half hours. We would tailor the standard session to make it relevant to your organisation by including sections on best practice in dealing with trans people in your line of work. Face-to-face is by far the best delivery method as employees can ask questions of the tutor and check their understanding of difficult concepts. This session is best delivered to a maximum of 15 people and costs £500 per session.

E-learning module. This is delivered over a standard Internet connection and via a portal that opens in a standard Internet explorer type browser. Each course attendee is provided with a login to the portal. A test is included to assess understanding at the end of the module. Progress through the module can be monitored and reported to the employee’s manager, if required. Employees can undertake the training at home or at work as long as they have Internet access. Prices start at £15 per employee for one attempt at the module.

A blended option. A combination of all three of the above delivery methods, or a face-to-face and e-learning combination (suitable for rolling out to employees). The face-to-face learning has the disadvantage of being available on specific dates only. This means that some employees might miss out because they are away and new joiners will not be covered by the training. Delivering an initial burst of face-to-face training with follow up e-learning would ensure that every current and future employee is covered.

Both the face-to-face training session and the e-learning module would cover, as a basic:

  • What it means to be transgender;
  • The problems trans* people face;
  • The sex discrimination law framework;
  • Working with trans* customers and colleagues.

If you would be interested in training, please email