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The Chief Minister has now lodged a proposal for same-sex marriage in the States of Jersey. You can download the full proposal here, or read a summary of the headline points here. The good news is that Senator Gorst is proposing to follow the Scottish model for same-sex marriage, which will mean a seamless switch from an opposite-sex marriage to a same-sex marriage (or vice versa) if you transition within a marriage. He has also committed to re-visiting the issue of gender recognition in Jersey, which is an unwieldy process for anyone wishing to register as their recognised gender at present.

The States of Jersey have now passed the Sex (and Related Characteristics) Regulations. They are due to become law in September 2015. After listening to the views of trans* islanders and others working in and for the trans* community, we submitted a response to the white paper and have been actively involved in the consultation that produced these regulations. We are extremely proud of the fact that they passed overwhelmingly in the States and that they go further than the UK in their protection of trans* and intersex islanders. Please visit our latest post to read more about the legislation.flagCopyright

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