Pathway to Care

The pathway to healthcare in Jersey is changing to bring all gender services into one place and to reduce Jersey’s reliance on the NHS in the UK for services.

The formation of a gender clinic under the Trans* Jersey name is the first part of this pilot. It is anticipated that if this first step is successful more services will be added and more partnership working will result in better outcomes for service users.

The new pilot pathway looks like this:

The significant changes for users from the old pathway are:

  • All services are now delivered in Jersey with the exception of specialist surgeries;
  • A more holistic, personalised approach to your care;
  • Self-referral – you can refer yourself into the pathway here now. You do not need a GP’s appointment or letter;
  • A smoother transition for young people moving from under 18 to over 18;
  • Reduced waiting times to see a gender therapist;
  • On island support on any aspect of transition in between sessions with your therapist;
  • No automatic requirement to see Mental Health Services unless you have other aspects of your health that require support from AMHS or CAMHS;
  • A central enquiry point for any administration related to your care;
  • A safe, welcoming and discreet space for appointments;
  • The opportunity to guide how care is delivered in Jersey;
  • Clear communications about what care is available and how to access it.

Please be aware that there is a historic waiting list for gender therapy in Jersey that must be seen before new appointments can be made. This will be worked through as quickly as possible before new clients can be seen.

Under 18s

If you (or your child) are under 18, you do not have to have an appointment with CAMHS to receive support around questioning your gender. We can take a self-referral for support here. There is no age limit to our service.

Please be aware that all health professionals working in Jersey are bound by British medical standards that do not permit anyone under 17 to be prescribed hormone therapy. Puberty blockers may only be prescribed where the medical professional is satisfied that the young person is capable of giving ‘informed consent’.

Trans* Jersey through YES at the Jersey Youth Service will work with young people to support their social transition and transition to the adult pathway at 18.

If you are currently receiving treatment and have a referral to an NHS Gender Identity Clinic pending, you will be on the list (in order) to receive an appointment in Jersey. This may or may not happen quicker than your NHS appointment depending on how long you have been waiting. If you would like to check whether you are on the list, please email Dr Kadhim (

If you are seeking support as a new client, please refer yourself into the pathway using the form here.

If you have any concerns or queries about how the new pathway will operate for you, please email