MtF change of name

The order in which you sort out your documents is important as you do not want to be left without photographic ID or in the position of having conflicting IDs. The order we deal with the documents below is the order in which we would suggest that you arrange to have them changed.

Deed Poll
Once you have decided on your new name, you can either visit an advocate or the Samedi Section of the Judicial Greffe. Ask them to prepare a deed poll changing your name. They may ask you for the usual photographic ID and proof of address. They may also ask you for your birth certificate or, if you have changed your name before, your marriage certificate or previous deed poll.

They will then prepare the deed poll, which does not specify your gender. It will say something similar to: “Know all men by these present (which are intended to be enrolled in the Rolls of the Royal Court of Jersey) that I, the undersigned XXX, a British subject, having been born in XXX, on XXX, and being ordinarily resident in the Island of Jersey at XXX, do hereby absolutely renounce and abandon the use of the said forenames of XXX and in lieu thereof adopt the forenames of XXX.

“For the purposes of evidencing such a change of name, I hereby declare that at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, documents and other writings and in all actions, suits and proceedings as well as in all devises and transactions, matters and things whatsoever and upon all occasions, I, the said XXX shall use and subscribe the said forenames of XXX, in lieu of the said forenames of XXX and I hereby authorise and request all persons whomsoever at all times to designate, describe and address me by such adopted forenames of XXX in lieu of the said forenames of XXX.”

The deed poll is then signed by you with your old and new signature and witnessed by your advocate or someone at the Greffe. At the next available sitting, the deed will be registered by your advocate with the Royal Court. You are not required to attend court.

Once your deed poll has been registered, you will be given an original copy of it. You must keep this document safe, just as you would a birth certificate. Because it is not a good idea to let anyone have the original of your deed poll, ask your advocate/the Greffe if they will provide you with certified copies of it. You will need at least 5 copies to give to various authorities.

documentsSocial Security
The easiest way to alter your record at social security is to visit the department in La Motte Street with a copy of your deed poll and your current social security card. This may mean asking your employer for your current card (if you are still on the old style card that had to be held by your employer). The new registration cards do not have to be held by your employer – employers take a copy and you keep the card. The social security helpdesk staff will change your record while you wait and provide you with a new registration card and health card. You will then need to show this to your employer for their records.

Income Tax
Writing to the Income Tax Department is the best way to ensure that your name is changed on their records. Make sure that you include your tax ref somewhere in the letter. Enclose one of the copies of your deed poll, ask the department to change your name on all their records and ask them to send you a replacement ITIS effective rate notice in your new name. It should take about 1 week and you will then need to give this to your employer for their records.

Driving Licence
Your parish hall will issue a new driving licence in your new name. You will need to complete the application form, provide one of your deed poll copies, provide two passport photos and surrender your old licence. The application form asks for your sex but this information does not appear on the face of the driving licence as your title or your sex. It appears to be used internally for the parish to be able to address letters to you so select F and your correspondence will come addressed to Ms.

It will take about 2 weeks for you to get your new driving licence during which time you cannot do anything further about your change of name. You need to wait until you get your driving licence back before doing the next document change.

Now you have photo ID and correspondence from the income tax dept, you can set about changing your details with your bank, your credit card providers, the utility companies, your insurers, etc. Some of these may want to also see your deed poll.

The Customs and Immigration Department will issue a new passport in your new name. You will need to complete the application form, provide one of your deed poll copies, provide two passport photos, a letter from your GP or gender therapist and surrender your old passport. The application form asks for your title but not your sex, strangely, as your sex does appear on the face of your passport. Make it clear that your title is now Miss or Ms. For those who are Dr or Rev, you may need to write a covering letter of explanation.

It will take about 6 weeks for you to get your new passport during which time you will not be able to travel abroad so make sure that you time your application carefully.

One thought on “MtF change of name

  1. Good advice here but make sure when seeing an Advocate for a Deed Poll you bring with you the original documents and utility bills as proof of residency etc. – photo copies won’t do. I got my Passport changed to F with supportive letters from my specialist doctor and my GP. They are very helpful in the passport office. However, my Parish wouldn’t change the M to F on their internal documents for my driving licence but did change my name and gender on the electoral roll.
    Keep all documentation safe as you might need them for the Gender Recognition Panel if you intend to apply for a GRC.


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