Gender-Bender Award – Marking X

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Gender-Bender Award

Tiffany’s Gender-Bender Award is an opportunity to celebrate those who challenge and disrupt the gender binary!

Each month, I will feature a post that in some way takes us beyond the paradigm of gender oppression.  Many types of content will be considered – poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, even visual art.  I will also consider a variety of perspectives, everything from 1800s “first-wave” Western feminism to women’s uprisings in the Muslim world today, from Stonewall-era gay liberation to 21st century activism for transgender rights and dignity.

This Month, I am awarding Trans* Jersey for “Non gender binary issues“.

Trans* Jersey supports the proposal that gendered language in marriage ceremonies should be optional and that an X marker on passports and birth certificates should be introduced. Both these issues are most important for genderqueer, androgynous, bigender and intersex individuals.

The UK charity GIRES offers further explanation of this…

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