Hormone information

Information on hormones and hormone therapy from a US based gender therapist. Some of the advice offered is relevant to the USA only so you should use these videos as a general guide and check out the specifics of hormone therapy and your situation with your own gender therapist:

Unconditional love – a journey with a transgender child

Through her own parenting experience, Christy Hegarty has become an advocate for families with transgender children. During her talk at TEDxBloomington, Hegarty shares what she has learned as the mother of a transgender child. She explores the concept that we should be able to accept that our children may be different than we expect them to be and that we should not be afraid to allow them to express themselves. She challenges us to consider the idea that human evolution is more about being human than it is about being a gender and the important role acceptance plays in our evolving world.

What if gender was not divided in two?

When we’re born, a doctor instantly deems us to be one of two things: male or female. But gender isn’t just between our legs. It’s also between our ears. So, what happens when how we look on the outside clashes with how we feel on the inside? Do we settle? Do we change? And at the end of the day should gender really be as big a deal as society wants us think it is? In this talk Decker Moss explores these issues and more, as he struggled through not only one but two major gender-related transitions in his life.

Shaving tips

A great video full of tips from ItsAMansWorldFTM. Deaddogx who presents the video uses oil to shave with but soap or gel is probably more usual. Either way, the techniques are the same.

The first in a two part series of YouTube videos by transman Riley talking about the various options for wet shaving,

Make-up application tips

This is the first in a series of seven YouTube videos made by Jennifer Cohen-Taylor about how to apply make-up for a natural everyday look. As an older transwoman herself, Jenny’s advice is great for those of you learning this skill later in life. There is nothing hopelessly ambitious in these videos. They’re not trying to give you a look that’s too young or too glamorous.

This is the first in a ten part series of YouTube videos made by Life Image Style Consulting LLC that teaches basic make-up application techniques to achieve an appropriate look for daytime. Gwen uses Sabrina, a young transwoman, as her model.

Tips to help you find your voice

Introduction to transgender voices and an interesting app for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy 3 that can be downloaded here.

What does your voice sound like to other people? Vocal coach Chris Beatty explains how you can hear what others hear.

For the guys, how to develop a deep voice:

For the girls, this is the first in a series of nine videos by DeepStealth: