Truvision Launched

The States of Jersey Police today released their newest weapon in combatting hate crime – Truvision, an online tool that enables anyone in the community who experiences an hate crime to report it. Some facts you should know about hate crime – Hate crime happens in Jersey; Hate crime can happen to anyone not just…

Hormone information

Information on hormones and hormone therapy from a US based gender therapist. Some of the advice offered is relevant to the USA only so you should use these videos as a general guide and check out the specifics of hormone therapy and your situation with your own gender therapist:

Am I Transgender?

Tips from a US based gender therapist that those early in their journey might find helpful: These videos specifically refer to male-to-female transition but reverse them and there are some useful tips for female-to-male transitions, too:

Shaving tips

A great video full of tips from ItsAMansWorldFTM. Deaddogx who presents the video uses oil to shave with but soap or gel is probably more usual. Either way, the techniques are the same. The first in a two part series of YouTube videos by transman Riley talking about the various options for wet shaving,

Tips to help you find your voice

Introduction to transgender voices and an interesting app for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy 3 that can be downloaded here. What does your voice sound like to other people? Vocal coach Chris Beatty explains how you can hear what others hear. For the guys, how to develop a deep voice: For the girls, this is the…

Pathway to care achieved

Trans* Jersey met with Helen O’Shea, Managing Director of the General Hospital, and Richard Jouault, Managing Director of Community and Social Services, today. As a result, we have now had the pathway to care for trans* islanders confirmed, and it is as shown. Trans* Jersey will be working on getting this into a form that…

Healthcare gatekeepers

These are the main healthcare professionals you will need to deal with in your transition. If, at any stage, you find you cannot get on with your healthcare provider, or you are not confident in their abilities or the advice you are being given, seek to change. Not all healthcare providers are skilled or experienced…